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Kitty Joints

Updated: Aug 3

**FREE PATTERN for Crochet Kitty Joints**

Looking for a quick and easy toy to make your feline friend?

Look no further!

Kitty Joints are quick and easy to make and the cats love it!


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  • Yarn [weight: medium (4) 100% acrylic]: I used Red Heart Yarn With Love (any comparable yarn will work just as well).

  • White

  • Black

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Hook: 2.75 mm

  • Polyester fiberfill

  • Catnip


R = round

MR = magic ring

Sc = single crochet

Inc = increase

Dec = decrease

FO = finish off


Finished size: 5" long.

Pattern is worked in continuous rounds.

Pattern written in U.S. terminology.


Stuff as you go with polyester fiberfill and catnip.

R1: With white, MR6

R2: 2sc, inc - 8

R3: 3sc, inc - 10

R4: 4sc, inc - 12

R5: 5sc, inc - 14

R6-20: 14sc

R21: With black, 14sc

R22: With red, 14sc

R23: With orange, 5sc, dec - 12

R24: 2sc, dec - 9

R25: dec and FO.


Thank you!

Thank you very much and happy crocheting! If you have any questions, need help, or just want to provide feedback, please post a comment below.

Be sure to share your work! #daygabrielcrochet

You are welcome to sell any items made from the use of this pattern. Please give credit to @daygabrielcrochet.

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* Do not sell, change or claim this pattern as your own. *

Designed by Annie Gabriel of DAY Gabriel Crochet™.

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